Unable to load collection to UI from the database

Here is a screenshot every time I try to load the collection to the ui. I keep getting the same error: Page id is not valid. This started happening 2 days ago.


It seams that you have copied the Add Collection function from other page or process.
You must create it again, because each element or function has its own id.
Not copied, it has to be new.

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Javier Gamero

Thank you for the information. I deleted the collection and try creating a new one but I get the same results. The problem is not adding the collection but pulling the information.

When I select to modify the elements is where I get the error. I event try recreating the page as new but nothing.

Maybe we have to make a conference.
Please, send me a zoom link, so you can share your screen anda I can see the problem directly.
My email is [email protected]

I´m having the same issue, mentioned above. Did you happen to fix it?

Hi Tico, please send me a message with the URL of your app to help you with this issue.
Or you can send an email to [email protected]

Thanks, David I found the error it was that the functionality of apphive is different from what I knew, to pull the data list from the database and show it on a textbox the textboxes or where you want to show them the needs to be on 2 containers not just in one and I didn´t know that. I put my container into another one and it worked. Thanks

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