Text entered on one screen to display on another


I am trying to configure the app so that the user enters text into a field on one screen and when the field is submitted it loads a different screen but then on that other new screen the text will be displayed as a text object or similar object i can customise the formatting of.

so on screen 1 you enter Grocery store, then on another screen maybe screen 3 there may be pictures and other things but there will also be a section that says grocery store in bold. I have tried nearly everything to do this but cant get one screen to link to another.

Im hoping to try and do it without cloud database as the app will be entirely local and offline. The field will need to change for whatever text is entered in the first field. if other screens are shown and then we come back to screen 3 it will still need to say grocery store etc (but dynamic so if the text field is left blank it can maybe be blank)

any advice here?

Hello, as I understand it, what you want to do is pass information from one page to another, that you can do by using page variables.

Making an example, I have a page A and another B, in page B I create a page variable, then in page A, I do a Push Screen on page B, when doing the Push Screen, it will recognize the variable that it creates on page B, and that’s where I can send you information. As I show in the screenshots


I cant get it to show the text. I followed what you said but the entered text from A doesnt show on page B in the field or a text box.

never mind i figured it out with the modify control. many thanks!!!

Very good, you’re welcome friend