Support and follow-up in English language

Hello everyone,
I’m Erick, from the Apphive team and I’m here to give support and follow up on for English language users. As most of the information about our platform comes in Spanish, we’ve decided to create a new community for English speakers so all your questions are solved. If you have questions about creating your app on our platform, I invite you to join our new community for English speakers on Telegram, where we will do our best to solve your doubts.

Join our group here: Telegram: Join Group Chat


Good opportunity to expand the platform’s clients :smiley:

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I am building a bike guide app thanks to apphive. We suggest different stops, each time a user wants to see one our stops/points of interest, they can press a button, which triggers the opening of their geo map and provides the itinerary to go there.
We would like a notification popping-up from the app once the user is close to their destination (or upon arrival). Can you please tell me how we can achieve that ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I would like to discuss your experience with Apphive. Could we get in touch?


Sure, you can contact us by telegram