Subscription costs -does it cover AppleStore and Android Marketplace fees?

Hi, somebody speaks english here.
Does anybody know , whether the subsription costs cover the AplleStore and Android Marketplace costs too? ( I hear about AppleStore 100-200USD, and Android MArketplace 30-50USD),…anybody any experience?


The cost of the subscription only covers the use of the platform to be able to update your application.

The costs of your developer accounts ($ 25 one-time payment in the play store and $ 99 a year in the app store) are separate

Thanks, It is slightly unclear, because in price conditions I read : What will happend after I stop paying : Your app will become inactive in the Google Play and App Store. If the payment is not renewed within 2 months, your app could be deleted or could become a public and other users can use your template.
Does anybody know How "fast normall basic App will exceed the 500MB DB limit?) …is the limit for User registrtaion data , or App usage Data, or App source files data?..10USD/Month seems to me OK for long term, but then there is LARGE JUMP to 70USD/month, which seems to me overkill for 1-2 basic apps I plan to use…


Hello, I’ll explain you below

Currently, if you stop paying your monthly subscription, what happens is that an Apphive advertising banner is placed on your application at the bottom of all screens, but nevertheless, it continues to function normally (you only need to update the answer to that question on our page)

Regarding the plans, the starter plan of $ 10 / month is for development, that is, the free has certain limitations of functions, the starter has freedom that you do not have blockages in functions. When you start to compile, you need at least a premium plan (this plan allows you to publish in the play store), and the unlimited plan (it allows you to publish in the playstore and appstore)