Question on two applications in one project

Hello, I want to ask. My application will be divided into two teams. Entrepreneurs and customers. If I create two applications in one project. When the app will be downloaded from ios / android. Does the customer need to download another application as a provider? or can it be all in one application and after opening the application I can divide their paths?
Well thank you

Hi, it can be done in both ways, to make the application easier for users and the development I recommend dividing it into two apps since they would be different users if the same customer needs both, would need to download the two apps from the store

Thank you for your response. If I used one application for two teams. After launching the application, you will be asked if he is a customer or an entrepreneur. If the businessman knows through the Replace screen
to switch to the second application?
Well thank you.

so that there are no two applications to download

Yes you can add a link to open the second app, like Uber when you choose Uber Eats, if the app is not installed will be redirected to the App Store / Play Store