Problem with database

Hello, I have a problem with the database. I deleted the category in the database that added all the data to the advertisement. I created a new one and adapted everything to it. But I have the impression that it somehow subconsciously saves both the old database and the new one. And now when I need to pull from the database the ID of the advertisement, I pull the ID from the deleted database. How can I completely delete an old database that I no longer see in my database?
Thanks for advice.

I can’t even prove the ads that were in the old database. I still see them in the application even though the old database no longer exists.

Interesting. May I request a video to visualize the database and the process where you are reading from it as well?

I’ve been using the database a lot. Removing and adding and that never happened to me. So it might be an error as you mentioned. Nevertheless, in order to help you more directly it is important to see these two points.

Best Regards.