Error - geocoding does not modify control

Hello. I have been stuck for weeks on this simple issue - please help!

As per Jonatan’s Uber tutorial, I have the following arrangement:

PAGE> on load = get geolocation> callback “success” = start geocoding> input vars = geolocation lat & geolocation long> callback “success” = modify control> data to send = geocoding formattedaddress> element = textfield> writable property to update = “text”

It doesn’t work! sometimes the text to be modified simply disappears. Other times the text is successfully modified, but instead of the “formatted address” the ENTIRE STRING of location information appears (i.e. it is NOT formatted).

Please advise

SOLVED: Hi, I’ve returned to update this thread in case anyone else has the same issue.

After hours of trial and error I realised the problem: the string is case sensitive!! So the “attribute” of the “data to send” has to be exactly this: formattedAddress

You must enter the text in all lower case, except for the capital letter A.

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