Develop a user manager app

Hello, I’m new about app development. I need to know if is possible (and how)
realize and app that:

  1. manage user subscription
    2)categorize the users (localization, city, jobs)
    3)send specific notification to the user (in whitch the user could say yes or no, and when they say “yes” the receive" a specific other notification")


Another question:
1)in the registration page, how can i check if the password and “the rewrite password” are the same?
2)how can i generate a random id for each registration?

Hello, answering your questions:

  1. For the subscription of users, you can do it through some payment gateways that offer you the subscription option, or you can implement it through logic in case you want to make the subscription in cash, in the case of doing it with a card, you will have to use the option of a payment gateway.

2.To categorize the users, saving values ​​of location, city, work, you can put a form where the user selects that information and you save it in the Set User Custom Data, which are functions that save user properties.

  1. If it is possible to send notifications according to what the user has selected, you can place two buttons, if you select the “yes” button, to send a notification and if you select the “no” button, you can send another notification.

  2. When you create the password, you must make a conditional, to compare the first time you type the password with the second time you type it. In the conditional you will compare both fields, evaluating an equality, if they are equal (true), you continue with the logic, if they are not equal (false), you show some alert indicating that they are not equal.

5.Each time a user registers on the platform, a user ID is created, that id is unique for each user and is random

Sorry… i use the wrong word.
Not subscription, but registration (it will be a free app, like a uber but for other tipe of job).
So i need to ask for example:
The user register himself, and put is country in Alaska and is a a expert IT

After i need to send a notification to all people that live in alaska and are expert of IT to ask them “if they would like to apply for a job”. If the touch “yes”.
I send them contract and after i call. them.

Another question: can i manage the notification from a “web tool” or is too complicated?
and… can i “move the user on different database” (according their notification answer?)
thx…very much!!

Another question, how can i retrieve data from user db and put in the text area? so for example in user page:
“Hi {{name of the user}}”

You can do it. When a user registers, you can ask him for certain information, in a selector place him to select the country and the profession. Then you save that in the database.

Then from another app, which can be the administrator, you do a reading of the database with a get database data, you just have to bear in mind that the Get can only filter for one field at a time, if you want double filters, it is To say that it brings you the users who live in Alazka and at the same time they are from the IT profession, you would have to save in your database a field where you have both data concatenated, for example a field called “CountryProfession”, and there you will save a concat to unite the country and the profession that the user selected when creating his account, that way, when doing the get, in the Order By you can put it to look for you in the “CountryProfession” field, the values ​​that are equal to AlazkaTI (What would be the concatenated that you saved), that will bring you some records, and with one for each you can send notifications to all users who have that characteristic.

If you can manage it, but you already need knowledge in that area, to be able to generate a webhook in apphive, and to be able to send it to be executed externally.

And if you can move to another collection in the database, depending on the option you have chosen.

You can do it with a cocat, reading the name property of the user, as I show you in the screenshot.



ok. in user database or in another database?

The example I shared with you is in the user’s database, which is the user custom data.

is there any english tutor…most of them (video in youtube) are in spanish language.

Hi. I am Thiva from Apphive. I can help you to find English tutorials to develop your project

Hey Thiva. How can i create a download image button in Apphive?