Chat problem flex-end and flex-start

Hi … :slight_smile: I have a problem in the chat window … My flex-start and flex-end don’t work … I’ve tried everything but it still doesn’t split it on the screen … The containers are right. The participant ID is also ok because Color is fine. But color didn’t work for me via , styleborderColor … but it works for me via styleblackground. Does anyone have the same problem?
Thanks for the reply.

do i have one of this problem?

@Jonatan help me pls :slight_smile:

Same problem. I hope someone helps

yes, Stylebackground change the container´s color, but flex-end and flex-start no works, I´ve trying with both container but it no works. I have no idea what is the problem.
Thanks for reply.

I think apphive they have a problem in the code … I don’t understand why no one is responding here

Hi, sorry for the late response, it is a bug in the actual version, will be fixed on the next update

do you know when the new update will be? thanks :slight_smile:

The next update of the Apphive previewer will release the Monday 13 of July during the afternoon.

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